Antique. Vintage. Retro Espresso Makers You Haven’t Seen Before

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Every once in a while, it is always to good to break from the norms. Instead of drinking coffee, maybe grabbing a pint of beer is a better idea. After all, we all need to unleash our creativity.

Definition of Best

I’m not saying we should do this every day. But this time round, let’s forget about the technicality on what makes a good coffee maker. Plenty of them have been discussed in our coffee maker reviews.

What you’re going to see here are some of the most amazing coffee maker design that you could possibly find.

Call them antique coffee maker. Call them vintage coffee maker. Call them old-fashioned coffee maker. Call them retro coffee maker.

Whatever is the case, I think designers of these coffee brewers have taken creativity to the next level. I would refer to these as masterpieces of this art form called coffee.

Enough said, I hope you enjoy what you are seeing here.

Warning: These coffee makers embelish the pride of the insanely bold and innovative designers who created them. I have no idea who these brewers are made for. They cost multiple times more the even some of the top-rated coffee makers selling in the market. So, you’re advised to see them only for enjoyment purpose!

Purely Stylish. Purely Perfect!

Elektra SRL – The Gucci of Coffee Maker

A glance and you’ll know this espresso machine is Made in Italy! Elektra SRL makes some of the most amazingly and brilliantly designed espresso station.

For the lack of better comparison, I’d put it in the same class as Gucci.

Anyone looking for the most expensive clothings need not think. They just enter a Gucci store and they’ll find it.

The same is true for coffee! If you’ve just strike a hundred million dollar jackpot, and you’re looking for an outlet to spend, just look out for one of Elektra’s espresso machines.

Bugatti diva antique espresso makerBugatti diva espresso brewer in chrome versionBugatti diva espresso maker covered in jeans material

Diva – The Bugatti of Coffee Maker

Did you know that Bugatti actually makes coffee machines? Bewildering, I know. The same reaction I had when I first heard of it.

I’m not sure what these guys were thinking when they designed their espresso station. From leather to jeans. Yes, they wrapped their brewers up in leather and jeans too.

Aren’t you worried that your coffee will stain and destroy the beauty of your machine? If you are, then these espresso brewers are not made for you!

La Pavoni – The Ferrari of Coffee Maker

La Pavoni is another fine Italian coffee specialist.

But getting say a La Pavoni Europiccola lever-style espresso maker will require additional effort for you to squeeze that perfect brew into your cup. It is fully manual!

If what you want is a machine that works with the press of a button, then you’re in the wrong place. Getting one of the super-automatic espresso brewing station may be more appropriate for you.

DeLonghi – A Fine Italian Pride

To coffee afficionado, DeLonghi is a familiar name. But it is their retro-style coffee makers that caught me by surprise.

I’m not sure how good they are compared to the best pod brewers. But if aesthetic is the only criteria, they would be the undisputed winner.

Ascaso DR 114 Dream 16-Bar-Pump Espresso Machine in redAscaso DR

Ascaso (Not Picasso)

Yes, it sounds a bit like Picasso. But they are totally unrelated, except for their Italian roots.

The Acaso DR 114 Dream 16-bar pump espresso machine is definitely worth its place in this awesome gallery.

Espressione Café Retro Espresso MachineEspressione New Café Retro Espresso Machine in blackEspressione New Café Retro Espresso Machine in red

Espressione Café Retro Espresso Machine

This might not be the typical coffee brewer brand that you’d be looking out for when you are hunting for the ultimate coffee maker.

Nonetheless, Espressione Café Retro Espresso Machine has won me over from the first sight. It is lovely!

Illy Caffe Touch Espresso Machine in blackIlly Caffe Touch Espresso Machine in whiteIlly Caffe Touch Espresso Machine

Illy Caffe Touch Espresso Brewer

The touch screen control is no longer a new innovation. It’s been used in variety of products we see at home. From PC monitor to fridge controller.

Its use in espresso maker did not surprise me. What surprised me is the way the machine is designed. No one has ever designed their espresso machine in this way.

Simply beautiful!

Illy X1 iperEspresso Machine in blackIlly X1 iperEspresso Machine in silverIlly X1 iperEspresso Machine

Illy Retro-Style Espresso Maker

Another retro-style espresso maker that caught my attention is also made by Illy.

It may not look exactly like a typical espresso machine. To me, it resembles more of weighing machine. But anyway, these retro-style makers will make great addition to your kitchen (if you can afford it!).

La Sorrentina Atomic Coffee MachineLa Sorrentina Atomic Coffee Machine componentsLa Sorrentina Atomic Coffee Machine side viewLa Sorrentina Atomic Coffee Machine top view

La Sorrentina Atomic Coffee Machine

La Sorrentina is another Italian coffee maker producer that is little known to the most coffee afficionado.

Simply amazed! That’s the best that I could describe my reaction when I saw the Atomic coffee machine from La Sorrentina.

Lavazza Espresso Point Machine in goldLavazza Espresso Point Machine

Lavazza Espresso Point Machine

“That is a coffee machine? Really?”

You’d be forgiven if you think it is a music juke box rather than an espresso station. Most people would be having the same doubt too.

Love What You See? Share It!

If you love what you’re seeing here, it is likely that your friends and families will love them too. So, do the world a favor. Share it with a friend or two and it might just spark a floodgate of creativity in them. (At least it did for my case!)

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