The Secret Coffee Rituals that Fuel the Engineering Brilliance at Apple Inc

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Although there are a variety of different rituals that give shape and substance to company culture, coffee consumption seems to be one of the most prevalent. This is especially the case at Apple Inc., the technology company whose accomplishments include designing some of the greatest electronic products of our time: the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Probably the coolest espresso machine

As many employees know, coffee is the catalyst for the company’s brainstorming sessions. Given that these sessions are likely the single most important meetings that take place within the design department, gaining an awareness of the company’s coffee rituals can be of great benefit to those who want to understand Apple’s inner workings.

To fully understand how and why the Apple coffee rituals function, one must first grasp the significance of the company’s brainstorming sessions.

Comprised of about 20 team designers, these sessions generally transpire at a spacious table located within the kitchen studio. The brainstorming sessions-which generally run for three hours-wouldn’t function effectively without some energy-inducing coffee.

Scientific and precise, the session-enhancing coffee ritual contains a plethora of unique steps that work to produce the type of stellar java that enhances the team’s creative potential. If you want to replicate their results, you should do the following:

1. Purchase a High-Quality Espresso Machine.

The design studio that gives Apple its unique flair comes with a commercial-style, high-end espresso machine. Although it cost over $3,000 and subjected its owners to perpetual leaks, the machine made ridiculously delicious coffee.

If you don’t have the bottomless coffer that Apple Inc. has, the best alternative most espresso maker reviews will tell you is to get personal grade version of espresso machines. In case you’re not aware, the first espresso maker was invented by Luigi Bezzera and sold under the commercial name of La Pavoni.

Stick with the likes of La Pavoni, Gaggia and Rancilio and you’ll never go wrong.

2. Get A Great Grinder.

In order to make great coffee, the Apple team makes use of a grinder. The grinder is important for many reasons, including the fact that one’s coffee grounds must be the exact same size so that water can envelope the grains and subsequently extract coffee.

When one’s grounds are too large, water can pass through too quickly, thereby preventing complete extraction. And if the grounds are too tiny, they can clog the filter such that water can’t make its way through.

Since grain size is paramount when one wants to make great coffee, having a great grinder is overwhelmingly important.

3. Make Sure Your Beans Are Fresh.

If you want to make stellar espresso and coffee, having fresh beans is important. When using roasted beans, be sure that they are no more than five days old. Once this time period has passed, the coffee beans will begin deteriorating at a rapid rate.

4. Grind Your Beans. Then Load Your Puck.

Measuring how much coffee you place in your puck is important. To get the job done, you can use a pocket scale like the American Weigh SC-2KG (This product costs roughly $20.)

To get great coffee, be sure that your density is on point. If it’s too dense, your water will not be able to pass through. But if it isn’t quite dense enough, your water will go through the coffee far too rapidly.

To keep your coffee density constant and correct, you can make use of a steel pestle that will pack grounds into your espresso’s puck.

5. Pour It Right.

Once you’ve ground and weighed your grounds, you need to get your pour time right. In order to be great, your pour time has to be constant and it cannot be altered. Optimally, your pour time will be about 28 seconds. Under no circumstances should it last longer than 30 seconds.

6. Add Your Milk.

Espresso bearing apple logo

The Apple team was introduced to the world of top notch coffee by a British designer named Daniele De Iuliis. Iuliis schooled the designers regarding how to froth their milk.

The critical factor in getting the milk right is storing it in a stainless steel chilled container. The chilled container is important because it keeps the milk at optimum temperatures for longer periods of time, thereby extending the foaming process.

To do the foaming process correctly, hold the steamer right beneath the milk’s surface. Once the foaming stops and the milk has grown hot, take your steamer to the bottom of your container.

Continue the steaming process until your milk is at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Also remember that the fat content of your milk isn’t important. Low-fat milk can foam just as effectively as creamier versions.

7. Drink Up!

Once you’ve made it through the complex and perhaps convoluted process of making your coffee, you should reward yourself with a sip.

If done properly, the final product should be smooth and rich with no bitterness. When you’ve mastered the art of making coffee Apple style, you’ll be sure to start your day off in a productive, positive way.

Good luck!

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