Baratza Virtuoso: The ‘Talented’ Coffee Grinder

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A product that claims the name of virtuoso must clear a high bar, and the Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder 586 does so easily.

Usually applied to musicians whose genius deserves recognition, the illustrious title aptly describes a coffee grinder that performs in a superior manner.

Coffee beans need to stay cool until they are ground and placed in a brew basket where hot water releases their deeply rewarding aroma and flavor. The Baratza Virtuoso manages to keep them cool during the grinding process, an unusual feature in coffee grinders.

Understanding the Technology

A smooth grind is consistently produced by an engineering design that combines the use of a DC motor and gears that reduce the burr speed to 450 revolutions per minute.

The innovative combination keeps noise and heat to a minimum. When you shop for the best coffee grinder, these are important considerations. You can serve gourmet coffees with this powerful unit that can deliver the grind that you prefer.

Producing grounds for espresso or French Press is as easy as grinding beans for drip, Press Pot and manual brewing methods. Having multiple settings is often a sign of the best coffee grinder, and the Virtuoso has 40 of them. It is easy to turn the hopper to change from fine to smooth grinds.

Operating with Baratza flagship Virtuoso coffee grinderHopper design with coarseness setting in Baratza Virtuoso burr grinder

If you have done your coffee maker review thoroughly, you will find that the best coffee maker does not constitute everything you need to make a great brew. Bean freshness is probably as important as the quality of the coffee maker itself.

The efficient operation of the unit maximizes freshness by reducing the amount of ground coffee that remains in the grinder. Contrary to serving as a specialty grinder, the Virtuoso is an all-around tool that can do what you want it to do.

Precise Coarseness Control

Making specialty drinks for family and friends is a favorite activity of coffee connoisseurs. Providing options for controlling the quality of the grind is a feature of the Virtuoso, and it has buttons on the front that allow you to do special things.

When you find a grind that is a favorite, you can replicate it by using the 60-second timer to produce the same results. A pulse button lets you direct a grind into an expresso filter to speed the process and eliminate the need to move it.

Elegant placement of Baratza Virtuoso GrinderControl panel of Baratza Virtuoso burr coffee grinder

The Virtuoso is designed to meet the high standards of the specialty coffee community that is very discerning. More knowledgeable and passionate about coffee than the average user, they expect a level of performance that produces the best results for their coffee beans.

As you shop for the best coffee grinder, it may help you to know about the standards for consistency, quality and innovation that the manufacturer meets with this unique product.

A Stylish Kitchen Appliance

The Baratza Virtuoso is a highly functional machine that produces a superior grind for a variety of coffee drinks. Its appearance on your countertop reflects the knowledge and sophistication of a person who is a coffee connoisseur.

The metal top and base of the unit have a sculptured appearance that is complementary to any kitchen décor. Having a coffee grinder that has an elegant appearance adds an ambiance to a kitchen that foretells the quality of coffee that is made there. The best coffee grinder looks good and performs well whether or not it is expensive.

In Summary

You can easily find less expensive coffee grinders on the market, but you are not likely to find one that offers the versatility that comes with the Virtuoso. Your possibilities are almost limitless when you choose to create coffee drinks that amaze and please your family and guests.

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