Does Baratza Encore Live Up to Its Name?

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The Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder is an ideal product for grinding your own full-bodied, arabica coffee at home.

Why go to the coffee establishments such as Starbucks if you can make a better brew? Make your own cup of coffee at a fraction of the cost and every bit of saving will add up significantly. This is especially when we’re talking about coffee. I’m not sure about your daily dose. But for me, twice is a must. In some days when I have to work longer hours, that dose might shoot up to 3 or 4.

Other than the coffee maker itself, grinder is the other major investment component. That is if you take your coffee seriously and tolerate nothing but a perfect brew.

The Encore series grinder is Baratza’s entry-level offering. Don’t be mistaken by ‘entry-level’ here. Anything that comes out of Baratza is certainly above than the average.

But is the Baratza encore coffee grinder a worthy buy? Let’s take a look.

Zooming In on Baratza Encore

Designed to be Durable

There are many benefits to the Encore, not the least of which is convenience of brewing at home. Thanks to its specially designed burrs, you get a flavorful extraction featuring minimal fineness for a balanced brew each and every time.

The device itself is long lasting. Owners of the Baratza encore like to boast about how long their grinders have outlasted those of others’.

What does this mean to you? It means that if you go with the Baratza encore, more likely than not, you’ll not need to hunt for a brand new grinder 6-months later.

Every Baratza grinder comes with a 1-year warranty. I know 1-year is not a long time. There’s nothing to brag about it.

However, it is their customer service that is known to be exceptional. It is even stated in warranty terms that should you have any problem with your encore grinder and if the issue is covered by the warranty, they’ll send you a replacement unit. I know some manufacturers do the same but not everyone would explicitly spell this out in their warranty information.

Grind it Your Way

There are two aspects that define a good burr grinder. It is the burr and the motor.

Burr cannot be more important. High quality burr (which is used in the Baratza Encore) lets you select from various level of coarseness.

Any good coffee maker review will highlight the importance of grind quality and consistency. We also know that you’ll end up with terrible espresso shot if you use a French Press grind setting and vice-versa.

With 40 different settings to choose from, you can always make the perfect coffee. This is regardless of whether you are brewing a French Press or Espresso. It is something to rave about the next time you have a guest coming to your house. It will make you sound like a ‘coffee master’ (instead of an amateur).

Cool. Quiet. Impressive.

A good burr alone paints only half the picture. The other half has to do with good motor design.

The motor design determines two things: noise and rotation speed. If you don’t wish to wake everyone up when you’re grinding for your morning coffee, skimping on your grinder is the last thing you want to do.

The better-rated grinders, such as the Baratza Encore, usually takes this into their design considerations. For the case of the Encore, the burr is kept to no faster than 450 RPM.

The advantages are threefold. First, slower speed means less heat generated. Lower temperature reduces the risk of your expensive beans from being destroyed. Second, slower speed generates lower noise level. The next time you are doing your grinding, you don’t have to worry of disturbing everyone in the house or office. Third, slower speed generates less static buildup.

The last point is notable, at least based on what my personal experience has taught me.

Running into high static buildup is common with cheaper coffee grinders. This can get very irritating. You’ll end up with bulk of the beans being stucked at the walls and you have to use the brush to bring them down.

Baratza Encore conical burr grinder setting operationBaratza Encore conical burr grinder top view


If you enjoy making your coffee just as much as you enjoy drinking it, you will love the Encore for its convenience. This is especially made evident by its front-mounted pulse button.

For the ultimate in on-demand brewing, this model will fit the needs of most home brewers and coffee enthusiasts. You get consistent grinds, whether you like coarse or fine consistency.

The burrs are known to last awhile, staying sharp to give you years of top-notch grinding service. The gearbox is on the quiet side but yet adds a surprising durability and strength to the process.

The Verdict

Choosing this burr grinder makes for better consistency of coffee grinding across the board. It’s certainly worth the investment. As any coffee connoisseur knows, the quality is in the details.

Fresh grinding with the Encore allows you to enjoy a full-bodied cup of coffee to take advantage of all those delicate flavors you worked so hard to get when you bought the beans. For the ultimate in freshness, this model doesn’t leave much ground coffee in the grinder, all in an attempt to maximize the freshness.

That’s spot on, because all coffee lovers worth their salt know once oxygen hits the ground beans, quality starts to deplete right away. Taking advantage of those fresh grounds is key to enjoying the best cup of brewed coffee you can possibly get.

It starts with choosing quality beans and ends with a high quality grinder that won’t break the bank. It is certainly not designed to be the cheapest coffee grinders. But it is among the most affordable range if you’re serious in finding the best grinder.

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