Boost up your creativity? Grab a beer! Boost up your productivity? Grab a coffee!

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Need a Creativity BOOST? Grab a BEER!

Need a Productivity BOOST? Grab a COFFEE!

Warning: Drinking too much of each will not make you a super human!

Beer vs Coffee Comparisons

Beer Sparks Creativity. Here is Why

Ever wondered why accountants drink coffee and not beer? 180 degree to the opposite, artists love their beers but not coffee?

I recently found out that this is not a blind stereotyping. It turns out that there is a scientific explanation for that. Don’t just take my words for that! Read on to find out the science behind beer and coffee.

Beer, contains alcohol (what a stupid common sense that is!). Alcohol from your pint of beer will creep up and seep through your brain. What it does to your brain is interesting.

It weakens your working memory capacity (WMC). It brings down your ability to focus. It brings down your whole defense to reason.

Once this wall of defense is down, your intuition will take over. Intuition trumps reasoning when it comes to innovation and creativity. “Follow your heart”, Steve Jobs once said.

That explains why you’ve heard of ‘drunken artists’ but not ‘drunken accountants’.

If you are an accountant, leave your beer pint on your desk. I guarantee that you’ll out on the street looking for a new job the next day.

Coffee Boosts Productivity. Here is Why

coffee stressful at work

Enough said of beer. Now, what about coffee?

Coffee contains caffeine. 5 minutes after sipping up your coffee, the caffeine will creep up and reach your brain. What it does to your brain is fascinating.

Caffeine tricks your brain into thinking that your energy level is still high when it is running low. How this works is simple.

Within our brain, there is the adenosine and adenosine receptor. You can treat adenosine as the energy detector. Once it detects that you are running out of energy, it will send a warning signal. Adenosine, by itself, can do nothing to your brain.

The warning signal that it sends out, needs to be received by adenosine receptor. When adenosine and adenosine receptor link up, that is when your brain will conclude that your energy is running low and you need to slow down.

There is one problem here. Adenosine receptor has a preference to link itself up with caffeine than its supposed partner, adenosine.

Aha! Now you can see why drinking coffee lets you stay alert when you should be dozing off instead!

Key Takeaway

I’m not trying to sell you more beer or more coffee. If you are now thinking that you should be hanging out at the bar more often. Or that you should be hanging out at Starbucks or Dunkin more regularly. That’s totally off the point here.

The key takeaway is to understand the effect of each. If you have been stuck in a problem for a long time and you need a spark of creativity, grab yourself a glass of beer and it might do the trick.

If you need to work in more tedious assignments and work for longer hours, head on down to the pantry and brew yourself a cup of coffee.

Here is a general rule that is applicable for most folks. Start off with pints of beer to find ideas on the next big thing that you should be working on. Once you have figured out what you want to work on, ditch the beer and make sure your coffee supply is enough to last you through those long nights.

Don’t have a coffee maker in your pantry? Why not look at our list of elite coffee makers.

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