Coffee Grinders that are Low on Price but Big on Practicality

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Cheap coffee grinder reviews

What makes coffee so amazing is there are so many chains in the preparation process that have to be done right in order to land the perfect brew in that small coffee mug.

The roasting of the coffee beans itself is very important as it is the first stage in the entire preparation chain that will either make or break the quality of your beans. Since roasting requires complex set-up and expensive equipments, this is a task that is best left to the professionals.

Every coffee purist knows very well the importance of proper bean grinding. If you are serious about the brew quality of your coffee, getting ready-grounded beans at your local supermarket shelves is not an option for you. You will only get whole beans and do the grinding just prior to the brewing process.

To be upfront, the best coffee grinder does not come cheap. My pick for the best burr grinder comes with a price tag of between $300-$500. If that does not scare you, go ahead and find out what makes it a champion.

Best Coffee Grinder for the Average Joe

If you have a budget of less than $100, you may not get the best quality grinder but it doesn’t mean that there is no decent options for you.

I’ve done some homework for you and I’ve come up with few options for those who are looking for the best cheap coffee grinders.

The Winner: Krups Electric Grinder

If you are looking for a grinder that is huge in terms of satisfying most customers’ needs and small in terms of price, the Krups electric grinder is hard to beat.

Given the low price point, I’m sure you know how to set your expectation bar right. This best-selling grinder is really a no-frill grinder.

Do not expect it to have the intelligence to control the coarseness of your grounded beans. You’ve got to control the coarseness by stopping it at the appropriate time. It’s that simple!

It might take a few practice sessions to get your timing right. But once that is over, this is one grinder that you can rely for many years to come.

Do take note that this budget-friendly grinder uses blade to do the grinding. The thing with blade or chopping method is it can give you inconsistent level of coarseness if your timing is not perfect.

It is also good to note that this way of grinding takes longer time and incurs more heat during the process. Expect certain degree of deterioration to the quality of your beans.

One thing that makes this low-cost grinder so great is its ease of use. There is no button or switches. What you need to do is simply press down the top and it will trigger the spin. It’s dead simple!

The Runner-Up: Hamilton Beach 80365

Hamilton Beach is no stranger to most American households. It is known as one of the more affordable brands when it comes to kitchen and household appliances.

The runner-up for our low-cost coffee grinder winner is the Hamilton Beach 80365.

But unlike the reigning champion (Krups electric grinder), the Hamilton Beach hands-free grinder is packed with more features.

First, there is a knob that lets you control the level of coarseness of your ground coffee. Then there is the switch that lets you set the amount of beans that you want to grind. And then there is the on/off button that lets you do a start/stop.

All in all, it is up to you to decide if you will love these features. For me, given its super low price, I would rather not have such options as it means more mechanical parts and more complex designs involved. I’m not convinced that these can be done well given its price point.

2nd Runner-Up: Proctor Silex E160BY

The last budget-friendly coffee grinder that makes it to my list is the Proctor Silex E160BY.

Take a look at the picture and you will marvel at its beauty. But I agree that this is not for everyone. But if you love white appliances for your kitchen, this would be the best (and cheapest) alternative.

In terms of features, it is very much similar to the Krups. No fancy coarseness control. No amount control. No gimmick.

Your Decision

I’ve given you some ideas on what good options are available if you are looking for a coffee grinder and you are severely tight on budget.

If you believe in my argument and believe that the cheapest should be a totally no-frill model, you are left with the Krups and the Proctor Silex. But if you believe otherwise (or simply want to give it a try), you can do your homework and go through the different coffee grinder reviews. I bet there are other models that come close to the Hamilton Beach.

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