Love a Great Bold Brew? These French Press Makers will Do a Great Job!

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Best french press coffee maker

If ever someone hears the question: Who loves coffee? The answer is always: Who doesn’t? Seriously though, coffee has become an integral aspect of the modern people’s lifestyle. Not having coffee in the morning would feel a lot like not drinking water.

Yes, coffee has become quite a necessity these days. Also as essential is the way it is enjoyed and the way it is made. Yes, it is also very important to note how a coffee is brewed.

Since there are so many ways coffee can be ground and made, there are those that stand out as better and far more flavorable than the rest. The French Press has been voted as the best type of coffee maker in several consumer surveys.

French Press is Best If Done Right

French pressing is quite a popular way of making coffee. Though not seeming as technologically advanced as the other coffee makers, it still has its merits. If done right, the coffee brewed out of French Press maker proves to be superior than most other types of coffee maker. (I have to emphasis that this is only if done right)

One biggest advantage with the French Press technique is it allows you to control the many aspects of brewing. You can control the water temperature that will come in contact with the ground beans. You can also control the duration where the water and beans come into contact.

Don’t forget that the longer they are in contact, the bolder will be your brew result. If you prefer slightly weaker brew, you can shorten the time. From the surface, it may seem that pouring the water in and out of the French Press maker is all takes.

But to make the best cup of coffee, you need to grind your beans to high degree of coarse consistency. While having the best coffee grinder is important, it takes lots and lots of practices before you know what is your perfect brew.

With that said, let’s see which French Press coffee makers are worth your considerations.

French Press Coffee Makers Worth Your Time

Bodum Chambord 8 cup French Press Coffee Maker

Starting of this list is this great coffee maker from Bodum. This 8-cup maker has received unanimously positive feedback from its users.

Most owners who have used this brewer agree that this is one of the best French press coffee makers. Generally, most who owned a Bodum Chambord press are delighted with its ease of use.

This coffee press from Bodum bagged American Culinary Institute’s best French Press coffee maker award back in 2004.

Grosche Madrid Premium French Press Coffee Maker

The next best French press coffee pot comes from Grosche and has similarly been receiving so much positive feedback from its users. The general consensus is that this coffee maker is the best at making high quality coffee at home.

This premium French Press brewer has a reasonable price and it is fairly easy to operate and to clean up.

Thermos Nissan 34-Ounce Vacuum Insulated Stainless-Steel Gourmet Coffee Press

There are quite a few French press coffee makers out there that really makes one want to buy and try because of its stylish beauty alone. This coffee maker is one of those. Though appearances aside, it packs quite a punch just like the coffee it produces.

This coffee press is one built to last as it can survive for a few years. Also, it has added insulation in it to keep the coffee warm. It is an almost perfect presser. Just tightening a few nuts would help with most of its albeit minor issues.

Frieling Polished Stainless French Press

This tends to look like the terminator of the French presses. This is due to it being completely covered in stainless steel.

Yes, the ones with the see-through surfaces tend to be more fun in times of brewing but this presser makes up for its great features such as its seeming indestructibility and the fact that it can be completely disassembled for complete cleaning.

Primula Tempo Coffee Press 6 Cup

One great thing that a new user could really say about this little coffee presser is that it is absolutely easy to use and to wash. That combined with its marvellous coffee and this makes the Primula Tempo Coffee Press one of the best out there. A downside to this though is that the glass beaker is made of glass which however has a tendency to break or crack whenever it drops.

The choice to be made

When it comes to choosing just which French press to be buying, there really is not definite best answer. Though the choice of the purchase usually lies in the buyer’s preference and needs, it is also best to consider that these great French presses are really great in their own ways and are just about equal with each other.

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