Have a Sexy Kitchen? You’ll never Go Wrong with Red Coffee Makers

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There are hundreds of coffee maker models to choose from but yet only a handful boasts the bold red color. I’m not a statistician and I don’t have the percentage of red coffee makers compared to the overall market.

That’s why hunting for a good red coffee maker is no easy feat. Most coffee drinkers who are fanatic about the color red often do not know where to start with their coffee maker reviews.

Style or Substance

When it comes to best red coffee maker selection, which is more important? Should it be all about style? Or should it be about values? Or should it be a balance of both?

For me, it is about 65% look & appearance and 35% functionality. That’s why without having to elaborate much, let’s just go into the selections you have on the table.

The Best of Red Coffee Makers

Drip Coffee Machine

For the lack of better way, I’ll just separate all the great red coffee brewers into 3 categories. First is the drip-based coffee machines.

Belonging to this category are pieces of equipments that will require you to first grind your beans, place it in the filter and let the near-boiling water drips and passes over the ground coffee.

Pod Brewer

Pod brewer is the second category of coffee maker. Despite its exploding popularity, pod coffee maker is not for everyone.

If you insist on having the most convenient way of brewing that comes with slightly higher cost for each brew, then you might also want to consider the best pod coffee makers in addition to these awesome red beauties.

Travel Companion

The last category is where you find the least option. In fact, talk to most coffee enthusiasts. I bet only few really passionate ones will tell you that they’ve heard of portable propane type of coffee maker.

You’ll need this if you intend to go on a camping trip. And you absolutely need that caffeine boost to kick your morning activities. If you’re not sure how it works, watch the video below to see how exactly to operate this great travel companion piece of equipment from Coleman.

That’s It!

That’s all I have and that’s all probably you have when it comes to red coffee brewer options. If you are still opened to colors other than red, you may want to check our elite coffee maker list.

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