Everyone Loves Having a Pod Brewer. But which one is the Best Pod Coffee Maker?

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It is easy for anyone looking for nothing but the best pod coffee maker to end up being confused. With so many options to choose from, how will you start eliminating those options?

That’s the problem this pod coffee maker review is intended to solve. But what makes our coffee maker review so different from the rest?

Our Vetting Process

First, we take every coffee that goes into our cup very seriously. If you hate overly bitter brew, we hate it too. If you hate weak coffee (that taste more like water than coffee), we hate it too. If you need a good shot of coffee to kickstart your productivity every morning, we need it too.

That’s why we love experimenting with different grades and types of coffee beans. That’s why we love putting our hands almost every coffee maker that is released to the market.

Looking at the history of coffee makers, you’ll be amazed by the lack of breakthrough innovation. I consider this as abnormal in this day and age where there bounds to be stiff competition for every product.

Amidst the low level of innovation, comes the Keurig K-Cups. The K-Cup is commonly referred to as coffee pod. This brewing technique takes the world by storm because it simplifies coffee brewing process to a level that even a 10th grader can do.

Through the K-Cup design, Keurig has bagged a number of awards in recent years. Among the awards are the Gourmet Retailer Industry Innovator Award (2010), Harris Poll EquiTrend #1Coffee Maker Brand of the Year (2012 & 2013) and the latest is Reader’s Digest (Canada) Most Trusted Coffee Maker Brand (2013).

Now comes the hard part. Almost every appliance maker has joined the revolution. With possibly hundreds of options to choose select from, picking the winner is much harder than using the machine itself.

We’ve gone through dozens of them and narrowed down the candidates for the best pod brewer to only 3: Keurig K75 Platinum Brewing System, Mr Coffee BVMC-KG6-001 and Hamilton Beach 49970.

After many rounds of intense debates and experimentations, my winner is the Keurig K75. Let’s see why it comes out victorious.

And the Winner is… Keurig K75

Among the Keurig Pod Makers

Before we sent Keurig K75 Platinum Brewer to the battlefield, we carefully considered each Keurig pod brewer.

If the many Keurig models seem confusing to you, we understand what you’re going through. We were equally overwhelmed when we started exploring the world of Keurig pod coffee makers for the first time.

There is the K10, K45, K65 and K75. From the model number, you can tell that lower means cheaper and obviously, lesser features.

Brewing Sizes

Compared to the K75, all the other 3 models (K10 mini, K45 elite and K65 special edition) only let you select from 3 brewing cup sizes – 6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz. The K75 comes with additional 4 oz. and 12 oz.

The 4 oz. selection is good if you like stronger brew while the 12 oz. is good if you need to make weaker cup of coffee.

Water Reservoir Sizes

The water reservoir is also smaller for the lower end models. The K10 comes with single-use reservoir. This means that you have to open up the lid and pour in the right amount of water for 1 single brew and that’s it!

If you’re lazy and sloppy (I’m describing myself here), you will hate having to fill up the reservoir each time you need to make a brew. The K45, K65 and K75 each has 48 oz., 60 oz. and 72 oz. reservoir size.

Say you brew 6 oz. each time and you brew twice day. It means that you only need to re-fill your reservoir after every 3 days if you go with the Keurig K75.

Let me stop comparing the Keurig pod brewers. To cut long story short, Keurig K75 Platinum brewing system is definitely what everyone would want to go for if budget is not an issue.

Why is Keurig K75 a Winner

A True Beauty

When it comes to selecting the best kitchen appliances, design will always be one of the most important considerations.

No matter how badly you need a coffee maker. No matter how great your coffee maker works. You don’t want a piece of equipment that will become eyesores to the eyes.

Introduced as an improvisation to the highly successful B70 brewer model, you know that when you’re buying the Keurig K75, you’ll get a design that is well-loved by thousands or maybe millions of owners.

Temperature Control

Speak to any coffee geek and they’ll tell you that water temperature is vital to ensure that you get a perfect brew. Ideally, the water temperature should be between 195-205 degrees.

Keurig K75 allows you to set the water temperature to be between 187-192. It is close but not exactly what the industry’s recommendation is.which comes out

Based on my own experience, the small temperature difference can indeed make a difference to the brewing quality. However, it is a difference that is subtle. In my opinion, it is a difference that only the coffee connoiseur is capable of distinguishing.

The preset brewing temperature is 192. However, there are cases when you find yourself in a rush. Or you prefer a cooler cup, especially when it comes to tea and cocoa.

For example, the ideal brewing temperature for green and black teas is around 185 degrees. So, if you plan to brew tea using your pod brewer, you’ll appreciate the temperature control that comes with the Keurig K75.

Cup Size

Every individual has unique preference when it comes to the perfect taste. Some like it stronger. Others like it weaker.

Even if you’re the only coffee drinker in the house, I don’t expect your pod coffee maker to make only for yourself. If you have guests coming and they have different preference than you, that’s when the cup size selection comes in handy.

Starting from 4 oz. all the way to 12 oz., you can make the boldest to the weakest pod coffee.

Many More… But I’ll Stop Here

If you talk anyone who has owned a Keurig coffee machine before, more often than not, you’ll hear all things good about it.

I can do the same too. But I realize that time is precious. I believe I’ve said enough on why I think the Keurig K75 makes the best single serve coffee pod maker. If you’re opened to single serve brewers other than pod-type, do check out our pick for the best single serve coffee makers instead. Also, if you’re feeling the pinch of what the pods are doing to your wallet, consider making your own pods.

It is now up to you to decide. No product is perfect and the same applies to the Keurig K75. But if there is any that comes close to being flawless, I think my answer is obvious.

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  1. This would have been a better review if we knew exactly which machines you had tested to get to this result. I’ve come from France and a good coffee maker is not distinguished by whether you can make the coffee stronger or weaker or change the cup size but by how much pressure of water goes through the coffee to make the perfect cup. There are enough varieties of coffee to choose from if you want bigger or smaller coffees. We should be looking for quality and not quantity when it comes to coffee. I’ve tried a few of the North American makers and I’m still looking for a cup of coffee, reminiscent to my coffee maker in France, which was a Nescafe Dolce Gusto. (There were over 30 kinds of pods to choose from while in Canada, there are less than 10) Unfortunate!

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