The All-Capable BUNN MCU Single Cup Home Coffee Brewer

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Searching for the best single serve coffee maker can pose challenges as you evaluate the features of competing manufacturers.

The BUNN MCU Single Cup Home Coffee Brewer has many that are worth your consideration. The versatile unit lets you brew tea from pods, loose tea or tea bags, a nice feature if you are an aficionado of the many healthful varieties that are available.

Numerous ways to prepare coffee include the popular K-Cups, grounds or more than 100 pods that are on the market today. Some other models do not accept the variety of pods that this unit does. Brewing a single cup of your favorite hot beverage in less than a minute is easier than ever.

BUNN MCU Multi-use Coffee Maker: Highly Loved for What It Produces

BUNN MCU Multi-use Coffee Maker: Highly Loved for What It Produces

Things about BUNN MCU Single Cup Home Brewer You’ll Love

Examining the Features

Interchangeable drawers give you a place to load K-Cups, pods and grounds for coffee, or you can choose to fill them with loose tea leaves or pods. The option to use your own bulk coffee can save the expense of buying specialty cups, and brewing a cup at home makes a stop at a high priced coffee shop unnecessary.

A spin lid covers the stainless steel water tank, and it opens easily with a simple motion so that you can add the desired amount of water.

A single cup serving can fill a cup that holds as much as 14 ounces. In less than a minute, it gives you piping hot water for a cup of instant coffee, hot chocolate, a gelatin dessert or a bowl of oatmeal. The amount of water that you add determines how much you get in a serving. The best brewing results come from using two scoops of coffee and 10 ounces of water.

Spin lid view of BUNN single serve brewerSoft pods option for BUNN MCU one serving home brewing machine

Taking up a minimal amount of space on your countertop, the unit measures approximately 9 by 13 by 16 inches. The design is simple and unobtrusive, and the silver and black combination of colors is suitable in a kitchen’s décor. The design and performance of the machine are characteristics to evaluate when you shop for the best single serve coffee maker

Adjusting the Flavor

To make your coffee or tea have a full-bodied flavor, you can use a pulse brew option. Hot water hits the leaves, grounds or pods immediately so that the extraction of full flavor results.

Interchangeable drawers of BUNN MCU single cup home brewing systemGround bean option for BUNN-O-Matic MCU 1-cup brewing system

Simple to operate and pretty to look at, the BUNN MCU is one to consider when you are looking for the best coffee maker for single serve brewing. The stainless steel tank heats the water to the perfect brewing temperature of 200 degrees F, allowing it to get the most flavor from your grounds.

Considering Some Other Matters

The flexibility to brew a drink from one of the changeable drawers is an enjoyable aspect of using the model that may override concerns about emptying the grounds. A hinged lid on the drawer can get in your way when you need to dispose of the used grounds, but it is easier if you dump them as soon as you get your cup of coffee.

Side pod rack attached to BUNN MCU single serve coffee makerPod compartment in BUNN-O-Matic MCU single cup home brewer

Another aspect that is a little inconvenient in a machine that is moderately priced is the lack of a reservoir. You have to pour in the amount of water that you need, but the unit heats it immediately. It is energy efficient with the absence of a reservoir that must stay hot, and you can add the water that you need in just a moment.

A mineral deposit in hard water can block the holes that allow water to spray onto your grounds, but they are easy to remove with a toothpick and a rinse. Using filtered water is an option if you prefer to avoid the problem. You may find that the fast response of the machine, its acceptance of a variety of pods and its ability to deliver a flavored drink makes up for minor inconveniences.

Pod option for BUNN MCU My cafe one-cup brewerFront view of BUNN-O-Matic MCU My Cafe Single cup home brewing system

Is this a Good Brewer?

What you’ve just read in this coffee maker review should give you a clear idea on what to expect out of BUNN MCU single serve home brewer.

Ultimately, don’t let others’ opinions dictate your decision. Consider things carefully and ask yourself if this brewer meets all your personal preference.

But if you’re still undecided, be sure to check out our pick for the best single serve brewer. Of if you’re too busy and can’t resist the convenient temptation offered by pod brewing, check out which pod coffee machine won our recommendation. Find out how this coffee maker from BUNN compares against its alternatives.

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