Bored with the same Coffee Taste? Try from Keurig’s more than 200 Selections

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Cheap K-Cups

For some coffee lovers, the invention of the Keurig K-Cup Home Brewer is the closest thing to heaven they’ve seen since drive-through lattes. This single-cup brewing system works for gourmet coffee, tea, or even cocoa and uses its patented K-Cups to deliver true coffee excellence.

The coffee brews in under a minute, so even the most passionate coffee drinker won’t be able to get impatient. For those budget-conscious brew masters, cheap k-cups systems and coffee are a good alternative to the original brand.

It’s All About Choices

Brewing Something Good Unique 35-Count Variety PackInexpensive k-cups selectionGreen Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend k-cups

Of course, the delicious K-Cup coffee varieties are what make this original system so desirable. With over 200 flavors of coffee, tea, cocoa, and other iced beverages, the K-Cup innovation has propelled Keurig into a billion dollars coffee empire.

With all those flavors in their cupboard, it’s like Christmas every single day, or at least a minor holiday like National Cat Day. Every morning, coffee junkies can pick from flavors such as Caribou Blend, Caramel Vanilla Cream Coffee, Chai Latte Specialty, and even Jamaica Me Crazy coffee.

K-Cup fans won’t be able to try each one twice in an entire year. Having those flavors to look forward to makes getting out of bed each morning almost worth it.

K-Cups Can Be Expensive! Here are the Alternatives

Different companies produce delicious and cheap k-cups, including Tully’s, Donut Shop, Emeril’s, and Newman’s Own Special Blend. They each are looking to fill a niche in the one cup gourmet market and appeal to their own special groups.

San Francisco Bay and Brooklyn Beans are clearly appealing to regional markets and using their area’s cachet to reach a nationwide customer base as well.

Bulk k-cups by san francisco bay

Obviously, Emeril’s brand will appeal to fans of his gourmet cooking, while Donut Shop is clearly an appeal to those who love a good donut or a dozen. Newman’s Own Special Blend, with all respect to Paul’s memory, probably has many senior citizen fans. Every possible coffee need for every possible coffee connoisseur is being met with these k-cups, and special packages from the different brands are available at discounts.

Starbucks’ worshippers can rejoice in the special k-cups from their favorite coffee shop. Nothing makes these coffee drinkers happier than starting their mornings with Starbucks without fighting the drive-thru line.

While cheap Starbucks K-Cups are not entirely cheap, it may still amount to significant savings and of course the best part of it is Starbucks lovers will be able to enjoy their favorite flavors at home.

Due to the popularity of the Keurig’s system, many companies have hopped on board the one-cup train and have produced their own brewers, some at a lower price than Keurig.

These brands include Cuisinart and Nespresso. As always, before choosing a brand, consumers should check out the reviews, so they can make an informed decision. One money saving tip is to find cheap K-cups online instead of going to the brick-and-mortar shops. As K-Cups are often sold in bulk, most of the online retailers will throw in free shipping which makes the deal even sweeter.

Morning Delight

Keurig K-Cups and other brand k-cups contain a little bit of heaven every morning for coffee drinkers. Just one little container of gourmet delight can set java lovers on the path to a fabulous day. Whether they choose a more expensive brand or a cheap k-cup, they will love the variety and the simplicity of these one-cup systems.

Getting out of bed to go to work is never easy, but it’s a little less stressful with a personal coffee shop waiting in the kitchen. Before you go, check out our recommendation for the best coffee makers to complete your wonderful K-Cup experience.

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