About that Flawless Beauty Named Chemex

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The quest for the perfect cup of coffee has consumed many of us for years. Coffee fanatics who yearn for a delicious brewed cup each morning without having to pay coffee shop prices may want to try a Chemex Coffee Maker.

Long loved by coffee aficionados, it is an affordable and quality choice for at-home brewing. Chemex coffee maker reviews are almost always good ones.

100 Best Designed Products

This coffee maker was actually named one of the 100 best designed products of modern times by the Illinois Institute of Technology. The Chemex coffeemakers’ unique glass design does not retain oils or flavors, making each cup taste fresh.

Also, the Chemex carafe has a wide opening that allows the grounds to be evenly heated, resulting in a better tasting cup of coffee. The design offers a simple and elegant solution to the problems that plague many other coffee makers.

Simple is Beautiful

Perhaps the most important part of the Chemex system is the custom filter that is thicker than the average filter. It is made from special absorbent fibers that ensure the coffee never tastes bitter. The special filter is an essential part of the system’s success.

The coffee maker comes with a wood collar and leather tie that gives it a distinctive look.

Chemex coffee maker is reasonably priced and comes in a variety of sizes. This makes it to be highly qualified as some of the best drip coffee makers. Purchasers online at Amazon and other sites rave about the product, and finding negative Chemex Coffee Maker reviews is difficult. Almost everyone who owns this unit loves it.

Pouring into the chemex brewerPouring out from the chemex coffee maker

What You Want to Consider

The main drawback to this coffee maker is the same thing that makes it work so well: it’s made from glass.

Those who historically haven’t been able to keep glass intact in their homes may want to try another brand, one that won’t shatter when it is dropped. Users claim that the Chemex model lasts for years if the purchaser doesn’t break the glass. Avoiding that mishap may be difficult for families with small children or adults who tend to drop items. Otherwise, it shouldn’t be a problem.

My morning chemex brew

The filters are very important to the brewing process, so the Chemex coffee maker cannot successfully use any other brand of filter. Buyers will want to keep a supply on hand, since not all supermarkets will be carrying Chemex products. For those people who don’t like to plan ahead and prefer to use any brand of filter, the Chemex is not for them.

Users also note that making the coffee with this system takes a few minutes longer than with some other coffee makers, but they add that the cleanup is faster. So the entire process takes about the same amount of time as it does with other coffee maker brands.

To Sum It All Up…

For those who are not afraid of glass or special filters, the Chemex Coffee Maker is an excellent choice.

As far as we are aware of, most Chemex Coffee Maker reviews praise its consistency in brewing a quality cup of coffee that tastes expensive but that is actually quite affordable. For those who do not want to go out for their morning jolt of caffeine but still want excellence, this system is the perfect choice and probably stands as among the best coffee makers out there.

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