Cona Size ‘D’ Coffee Maker: Probably the Classiest Drip Coffee Brewer

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The Right Pressure is Key in Pressure Brewing

Science can be magical. Cona coffee makers prove this statement every day by blending water and ground coffee into the perfect hot beverage through vacuum brewing and a little heat.

Elemental sorcery conducted in an alchemist’s lab is suggested by the twin orbs of shaped glass situated under their spirit lamp, but this is science at its distilled finest.

Cona Coffee Maker Reviews

Product Highlights

The elegance of the all-glass design of the Cona coffee maker designates the construct as a high-quality product deserving of a place among the best coffee maker models.

Two glass pots are central to the design. The unique configuration of the glass vessels is splendidly artful in concept and realization.

In fact, the artisan design aesthetic built in to the ingenuous device left me regarding this as royalty among the coffee maker reviews I’ve conducted.

The secret to the brewing process is in the sealed design of the product. The essence of the brew circulates within the glass vessels, allowing no contaminants to be introduced into the process.

The result is a full-bodied blend without nasty sediment. This is achieved purely through science, through the interplay of pressure and heat coursing upward through the lower glass bowl to mix with the coffee in the upper chamber.

Observing the base reaction of hot water in a closed all-glass construct is a little hypnotizing at first, but the joy of the process is in tasting the result of this siphoned labor.

The coffee deposited in the lower bowl after the heating lamp has been removed is infused with the totality of the flavor of the ground coffee, and the aroma rising from the blend teases the nasal passages with the promise of perfect taste.

This assembly of glass and science has all of the undeniable ingredients you can imagine when looking for the best single serve coffee maker on the market. I actually felt I was gaining a new centerpiece for my kitchen counter, an appliance that softened modern edges with an accent of glass and warm flame.

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Cona Coffee

Since the laws of physics are at least partially responsible for defining this product as one of the best coffee maker examples in existence, I should delve a little deeper and rely on the magic of the hot flame for describing a typical coffee making experience.

The process is fairly straightforward. I supplied the top vessel with ground coffee, my favorite blend, and filled the lower pot with water.

Preheated water seems to work best, as the vacuum brewing cycle is shortened this way. Next, I added the heat source, the spirit lamp, filling the container with denatured alcohol.

The water soon begins to bubble, and this is the critical part of the process. Insert the funnel into the top bowl, and ensure the rubber gasket forms an airtight seal against the neck of the bowl.

This is pressure brewing, and that seal is key in creating a perfect cup of coffee.

There’s nothing more to do but sit back and watch the show, perhaps revising this product upward in my coffee maker reviews to reflect the status of the device.

The water bubbles but doesn’t boil, and I’m still half-convinced this is magic and not physics, but the reason is again linked to physics and heating water in a sealed container.

Remove the heat source, watch the beverage drop back into the lower bowl, taking with it the essence of the flavor that’s been extracted from the coffee ground. Remove the funnel, lift the bowl, and pour carefully to savor the flavor.

Ready for Your Own Coffee Science?

Cona coffee maker is definitely not the most typical coffee maker that you see everyday. Only serious coffee afficionados will go this far just to savor that perfect sip of coffee.

If you love your coffee and you enjoy every step involved in coming up with that perfect cup, Cona coffee maker is certainly something that you want to consider investing in.

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