Cuisinart SS-700: Probably the Most Popular Single Serve Brewing System

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If you’re like many people, chances are you hate the waste created when you brew coffee at home or work and only drink a cup or two from the entire pot. The Cuisinart SS-700 Personal Brewing System is one answer to eliminate this wastefulness without compromising on quality or flavor.

As you go through all the single serve coffee maker reviews in the hunt for the ultimate single serving brewer, Cusinart SS-700 will definitely rank high on your list of candidates.

Getting to Know Cuisinart SS-700

With the price tag that is higher than Cuisinart’s other popular coffee makers such as DCC-1200 and DCC-3000, is it still worth the additional dollars that you have to fork out? Read on and you’ll soon find out for yourself if it is worth your bucks.

The Technical Features

This Cuisinart model offers consumers desirable features, such as an 80 ounce water reservoir, the ability to customize five cup sizes, with a removable drip tray to accommodate large travel mugs, and an easy-to-read blue backlit LDC screen.

Additionally, users can customize the temperature of their beverage for the perfect cup of coffee any time of day. It comes equipped with a K-Cup reusable filter and a standard charcoal filter to provide the freshest tasting beverages.

One more feature that makes this model highly desirable is the hot water button, so not only coffee lovers can buy this single-serving coffee maker with confidence. Soups, hot chocolate and teas can be prepared with ease.

Operating demonstration with Cuisinart SS-700 single serving coffee machineInside peek of Cuisinart SS-700

Points in Its Favor

Consumers looking for the best single serve coffee maker will find that the BPA-free plastics provide a safer and tastier cup of coffee. As well, the customizable temperature and amount of coffee brewed will suit a number of individuals.

However, perhaps the most interesting point in its favor is the reusable K-Cup filter that comes with this system. You can load it with your favorite coffees for a by-the-cup experience similar to the K-Cup systems without feeling wasteful. Because it’s a reusable filter, there are cast off pod containers to worry about.

A survey of single-serve coffee maker reviews offered plenty of words of praise for this model. Both fans of other single-cup brewing systems and those searching for a better brewing option were largely pleased with the SS-700.

The brewing results coming out of this brewer is consistent, problems few and easily fixed. And best of all, it is said to be far quieter than many of its competitors. The SS-700 is simple to use, easy to clean and maintain, runs quietly, and brews a great cup of coffee every time.

Less Than Satisfactory Marks

One of the primary points against several of the single-cup brewing systems is their use of parts not intended to handle water. The solenoid valve, which is part of the water pump system, is automotive grade and has a built-in leak capacity.

This leads to the issues that some customers found with water leading from the bottom of their machines in many of the systems marketed today.

It also constitutes an electrical problem, as the leaking water drips onto the electric motor within the machine, drastically shortening the effective lifespan of the system.

Digital control panel view of Cuisinart SS-700 single serve brewing systemBreakdown view of Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Coffee brewer

You Have the Final Say

Finding the best single-serve coffee maker on the market requires attention to all points of use—from filters to ease of use and maintenance.

Given the nature of electronic and mechanical parts, no one can rule out getting a lemon with their purchase. Therefore, finding retailers that offer warranties and service agreements that exceed six months may also be of help. For the case of Cuisinart SS-700, it comes with 3-years warranty.

If you ask me, I don’t see Cuisinart SS-700 as a perfect brewing system. It definitely has its flaws, with the leaking issue as probably the biggest concern.

But in the end, the final say still rest on you. Weigh the pros and cons carefully and decide for yourself if the risk is worth taking.

So, do you think you have found the best single serve brewing system in Cuisinart SS-700? If not, why not check out our pick of the best pod coffee maker and find out what other alternatives are available to you.

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