Make, Not Buy Your Own Coffee Pods

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Caffeine is the most widely ingested psychoactive substance in the world. Millions of people drink coffee and tea every year. Millions of people make a living off of coffee. Millions upon millions of pounds of coffee beans are sold every year. This makes coffee one of the most widely traded commodities globally.

That this is the case is eminently interesting. Coffee in the first place, is not a need. It is purely a want. But it is a want that our culture has adopted as a centrality. These days, going without coffee in the workplace or university setting is anathema.

Since that’s the case, maybe it is better considered in the context of needs than wants. If we look at it this way, it’s easy to see why the best single serve coffee machines such as those made Keurig, is quickly becoming a necessity rather than luxury these days.

And since the Keurig K-Cup pod coffee makers are becoming necessity, pods for the machine are, as well. Unfortunately, these pods don’t always produce a pleasant cup of coffee. Try it and you’ll realize in no time how pricey they are!

This has driven many people to develop ways to make their own coffee pods. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this approach, and then at a good technique for how to make your own coffee pods.

Advantages to the DIY Approach

The first, and most obvious, advantage to learning how to make your own coffee pods is that it saves money. The whole reason pods are expensive is because the companies that produce them know you need to use pods to make your own coffee.

So, they charge as much as they can for them, rather than charging what they´re worth. This eventually starts to hurt your wallet as much as it does your brand loyalty.

The second reason people make their own coffee pods is that the coffee tastes better. Again, production companies know you have little choice but to buy their pods, so they don´t exactly fill them with premium coffee.

If you make your own pods, however, you can use gourmet blends ground to whatever fineness you think is most appropriate. But unless you have with you a high quality grinder, obtaining the ideal grind size is often a difficult affair. The finer the grind, the stronger the final brew. And if you use freshly grounded coffee beans, the closer you are to that perfect brew.

This puts you in charge of ensuring good quality ends up on your cup rather than leaving it to the pod producers.

Disadvantages to the DIY Approach

Now let’s take a quick look at why you wouldn’t want to take this approach. There really aren’t too many reasons not too, actually, but the one that we can come up with is reasonably annoying.

The big disadvantage is that you can’t just reach into a box and grab a ready-made pod if you’re making them yourself – obviously. This means you’ll have to create your pods on demand, which decreases the utility of your machine as a grab-and-go device.

Or you’ll have to budget time on a weekend to make your own pods in bulk. This is the better idea, and if you have the time, it’s definitely worth it.

Many people take a mixed approach, making their own pods when they’re relaxing at home and just want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, and using pre-made pods whenever they need to grab a cup and get out of the house.

How to Make Your Own Pods

Making your own pods is relatively straightforward. You’ll need a few things to get started, most of which you probably already have. First, you’ll have to find a measuring scoop that fits into your pod holder, preferably metal.

A cup measuring scoop usually works well for this. Next, you’ll need a jar or some other cylindrical object that fits into the scoop.

In other words, you need to be able to slide the jar into the scoop and have its rim fit fairly snug along the cup’s edges. Finally, you’ll need the best coffee you can get and coffee filters.

To make your pods, take your filter and put it in the measuring scoop. Now, take the jar, and slide it into the scoop, over the filter.

Twist it a few times so you create a circular crease in the filter along the edges of the scoop. Remove the jar, and fill the filter with coffee up to the rim of the scoop.

Now, fold the edges of the filter inwards with your fingers, and press on it firmly enough to get it to seal. Congratulations – now you’ve learned how to make your own coffee pods, and this is your first one! Just load it into the machine, and enjoy.

Remember, it’s not necessarily worth it to make your own pods every time you want a cup, especially in the morning. Do it when you have time, or make several when you have free hours in the day. But whatever you decide, enjoy your cup o’ Joe!

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  1. I have tried once making my own coffee pods and it feels fulfilling after making one :)

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