Why Does Everyone Seem to Love Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Maker?

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Gaggia espresso maker review

I’ve found it is much easier and more convenient to feed my espresso addiction from the comfort of my own home than it is to drive through or (even worse) walk into a coffee shop every morning. Having an at-home espresso machine allows me to brew perfectly to my liking while still in my pajamas and not yet awake enough to drive. (I need my espresso in order to wake up!)

When looking for a personal espresso maker I took into account: reliability, ease of use and overall quality. I decided on the Gaggia 14101 Classic because it ranked the best in all three categories.

Made to Last

If you go through the various coffee maker reviews that talk about Gaggia espresso makers, you’ll soon realize the strong customer loyalty towards the brand. It made me ponder.

One notable part of the many stories shared by Gaggia owners is the lifespan of their espresso machines. It is not only one or two that we’re talking about. But it seems most users are able to enjoy their investment for many years. Some of them even for more than a decade.

This is one explanation that I could gather. This should also tell you about the quality of Gaggia 1410 Classic espresso brewer.

From the stainless steel exterior to the high voltage boiler. You can see how each section of the Gaggia brewer is built to last.

Some of the individual pieces such as the portafilter are heavier than some of the others I tried, suggesting quality and durability. This is also a low maintenance machine with small replacement parts only needed every few years (such as the silicone seal).

Unless you’re an extremely hardworking guy (which I believe most are not), you will hate anything that requires efforts to maintain. This machine requires descaling as part of its maintenance. But it doesn’t require you to do it as often as others such as the Nespresso pod brewer.

Ease of Use

This is not the easiest product to use for a beginner. You have to know how to make an espresso the way you like it before you’ll be successful with the Gaggia 14101 Classic.

However, if you’re buying an espresso machine for your own home, I assume you know what you want and what you’re doing. So, I am rating this machine assuming the average user (like me).

Without a lot of espresso-making experience I have never made great espressos but I still like my own better than the store-bought ones. It also makes me feel better to spend money on a one-time purchase that I can use for years to come. This is better than spending $5 on my Starbucks cup to get my espresso fix every day (especially since no one else ever makes it quite right).

Because of the lower quality of other brands, the products are often harder to use. The basket falls out when you dump the grinds or the frothing wand doesn’t stay in place. With the Gaggia 14101 Classic all of the parts and pieces are where they are supposed to be and they function properly.

This counts as easy to use in my book. If I have to take the entire machine apart to clean one piece or if it comes apart or makes me hold it together during use to keep it from leaking, it is not easy to use. The Gaggia espresso machine works like a charm.

2-cup making with Gaggia 1410 espresso brewerPerfect milk frothing with Gaggia classic

The Final Score

With practice, everyone can make the perfect espresso with this machine. I’m not the only one who thinks Gaggia espressos are better than the stuff you can get from coffee shops.

Do your homework right. Look around at what other reviews are saying and you’ll know what I mean. The taste is by far superior and the more I make the better I get at perfecting the timing and frothing with this machine.

It isn’t for people who have never made espresso before but it is good for improving if you have a slight idea about what to do.

So do you think the Gaggia 14101 Classic espresso machine is right for you? If you’re still unsure, be sure to check out our candidates for the best espresso maker.

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