Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker – A Very Innovative Brewer Indeed

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Hamilton beach single serve coffee maker review

The Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Coffee Maker, also listed as The Scoop® Single-Serve Coffee Maker, has become a big hit among coffee aficionados, especially those who like to grind their own coffee or where different people prefer different strengths or flavors.

But what about it that makes this to be voted by many as the best coffee maker? Let’s zoom in and find out.

A Take on Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker

What Makes a Winner

It has a trim, stainless steel design that I really like, and it will hold my 14-ounce travel cup. Additionally, it has an automatic shutoff that is really important to me.

The Scoop® has other features that should be considered when choosing the best coffee maker. First and foremost is the Hamilton Beach name and reputation for quality. Hamilton Beach is a name that consumers have relied upon for generations. Hamilton Beach is known for making products that last.

Second, is consistency. The best coffee maker should consistently make a good cup of coffee. Otherwise, why have it? This is a major point for which I search when reading a coffee maker review.

It is hard to find a coffee maker review that doesn’t give The Scoop® high marks for consistently brewing great coffee. There are two brewing options available: Regular, for standard drip grind coffee and Bold, for finer grinds and premium coffee brands.

Perfect 14 oz travel mug tray in Hamilton Beach 49981 coffee makerChoice of regular vs bold brew in Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Coffee Machine

Third, the best coffee maker should incorporate both simplicity of design and ease of use. The Scoop® does this. As I said above, I love its sleek, space saving, stainless steel design. However, stainless steel is currently the only color option.

Some may consider this lack of color choice a drawback. But there are other unique features that make the Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Scoop Coffee Maker the best coffee maker for me in spite of the lack of color selection.

Did I mention that Scoop® will hold a 14 oz. travel mug? I did? Well, let me say it again. I am so excited about this feature! Finally, I can just put my travel mug under a pour spout, push a button and have my coffee delivered into my mug.

If I want a standard cup of coffee, there is a lever on the side of the coffee maker that I can raise to position an 8 oz. cup directly under the spout. No splatter!

Scoop and Filter as One

Another cool feature is the combination mesh scoop/filter from which The Scoop® derives its name. That’s right; the coffee scoop is also the primary coffee filter. It is made of wire mesh and has a handle.

The inside wall has two fill-line indicators for making either an 8 oz. or a 14 oz. cup. Simply scoop up your coffee grounds, set the scoop/filter in the filter holder, pour your water into the reservoir and push either the Regular or Bold brew button. That’s all there is to it! According to one coffee maker review, it takes less than 90 seconds to brew a standard cup of coffee in the Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Scoop Coffee Maker.

Cleanup is a breeze. While the scoop/filter should be washed daily, the removable filter holder and the adjustable cup holder only require weekly washing. All can be tossed in the dishwasher for ease of cleaning.

Hamilton Beach one serving scoop coffee brewer in beautiful stainless steelHamilton Beach 1-serving scoop coffee brewer in stylish stainless steel color

All in All

Voted as 2012 Very Innovative Product (VIP), Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Scoop Coffee Maker features few well-loved design. The dual-function scoop cum filter is probably the best highlight of this highly popular single serve coffee machine.

Can’t decide if this is the perfect brewer for you? Be sure to check our winning pick from all the best single serve brewers. Find out how this innovative brewer from Hamilton fares against the competition.

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