Handpresso is the World’s 1st Handheld Espresso Maker. But is it Worth a Buy?

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I travel often. The thing I hate the most is to wake up every morning and not have access to my sipping hot perfectly brewed espresso in the morning.

Hotels’ coffee sucks! That’s the truth. Everyone who loves their espresso gourmet knows this. It is the best kept public secret!

If you’re an outdoor guy, you probably love to spend the night in the wild. I’ve been through a few of those nights. I understand how terrible it is to suffer from a headache just because you missed your morning dose of caffeine.

The invention of world’s first portable espresso promises to change all that.

Forget about the electric moka pot. Forget about the Aeropress. Forget about the drip. If you are a true espresso guy, these devices will not make the cut.

So much for Aerobie’s push to market Aeropress as an espresso maker. Brew quality aside, Aeropress is a pain to use especially if you are away from the comfort of your kitchen.

Handpresso wild hybrid espresso maker reviewHandpresso wild hybrid in action

Real Simple to Use

Handpresso Wild Hybrid, the world’s portable espresso maker is born with travelers’ needs in mind. It is designed with every bit of simplicity in mind.

No assembling and disassembling like the case for Aeropress. All you need is an E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) pod and pre-boiled water.

Pump up the Handpresso. Pop in the pod. Fill up the water cup on the Handpresso. And your espresso is ready by releasing the pressure. It’s that simple.

When you’re done, all you have to do is lift up to dispose the pod. Cleaning is a breeze with the Handpresso.

With the Handpresso, it may now be possible to have your espresso gourmet brew anytime anywhere you are. Whether you are in the hotel room, in the wild camping or on the boat fishing.

Handpresso wild hybrid pressure bar indicatorHandpresso wild hybrid pressure temperature indicator

The Catch

I have to say I was probably the most skeptical person on earth when I heard about ‘hand-made espresso’. I gave it a try myself and the rest is history.

But there are few things you want to take note about the Handpresso brewer.

First of all, it’s about the manual pump. It works perfectly at first. However, in a number of espresso maker discussions, few owners have complained that their pump starts to degrade faster than they had expected.

Then you have to remember that you still need to boil the water before it can be used. This is not a problem if you have to use it when you’re using the Handpresso in your hotel room.

It is more of a problem when you’re out camping or mountaineering. But still, boiling the water is a problem that can be solved easier than needing to operate a 1000-Watt espresso machine.

What Do You Say?

If you ask me, Handpresso is one of the disruptive innovation that opens up a new frontier in the art of coffee making.

It sure serves its purpose well but it is still too early to say to make any judgement. At this point of time, I see the Handpresso brewer as nothing but a fancy ‘toy’.

If you are a true espresso addict and looking for more pleasant morning when you’re away from home, this might be the best solution we are have at the moment.

Maybe until we see the next breakthrough. Or until the guys at Handpresso have perfected the revolutionary technique that they have invented.

For now, I leave you with the video that shows this cool handheld espresso maker in action.

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