Kitchen Selectives 1-cup Drip Coffee Maker is Stylish. Is it Good?

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When searching for the best single serve coffee maker, the person scanning today’s market has many machines from which to choose. While weighing the pros and cons of all available coffee makers, one exceptional product that should be considered is the Kitchen Selectives 1-Cup Drip Coffee Maker.

Highlights of Kitchen Selectives 1-Cup Drip Brewer

In the quest to find the best single serve coffee maker, any well-thought coffee maker review should present you with all the consideration and alternatives. First and foremost, the coffee maker must generate an excellent cup of coffee. Any java-holic will tell you that regardless of the convenience, the aesthetics or the price, the only acceptable results of operating any coffee maker is the delivery of a “good cup of coffee.”

Kitchen Selectives 1-Cup Drip Coffee Maker: A Compact & Stylish Option for the Space-Constraints

Kitchen Selectives 1-Cup Drip Coffee Maker: A Compact & Stylish Option for the Space-Constraints

Seasoned coffee drinkers are persnickety about the final output of any coffee maker, and connoisseurs know that there is nothing as good as the first cup in the morning. Regardless of the make or model, the first cup drawn from any machine is always the best, or should be. So, to that regard, a single serve coffee maker that produces a great first cup is an outstanding discovery because all cups are that “first cup.”

Conventional coffee makers notoriously do not produce a tasty one cup at a time. Rather, you are forced to add more coffee per cup then normal to achieve the correct taste of the one cup. This process can prove extremely wasteful and the results are never constant.

Whether you are an all-day coffee drinker or a once-in-a-while drinker, you will appreciate the fact that with the Kitchen Selectives 1-cup Coffee Maker you only have to brew one cup at a time rather than a full pot, part of which will be wasted.

Brewing Consistency

Pod brewers, which are extremely popular today, are generally quite costly and the one-use pods are an added expense. With the 1-cup coffee maker you use a washable, reusable filter and put in your own coffee. And, as an added convenience, soft pods can be used.

Don’t give up your search for the best single serve coffee maker until you have tried the 1-cup Drip by Kitchen Selectives. Innovative and dependable, this little coffee maker delivers a perfect cup the first time and every time. No longer will you have to waste coffee and filters making a whole pot of each time you want only one cup. You can experience that “first cup” taste and satisfaction anytime of the day. Cup after cup, this product generates a great tasting “cup of Joe.”

Compact in Size

The Kitchen Selectives CM-688 1-Cup Drip Coffee Maker can be a new solution to an old problem. Compact in structure, this machine is only 10.6 inches high, 9.5 inches deep and 7 inches wide. It takes up a small amount of countertop space and weighs less than 3 pounds. It has a removable drip tray, an illuminated power light and a convenient hinged lid.

Filter comparment of Kitchen Selectives CM-688 single serve drip brewer

Short of Bells and Wistles

Included with this coffee maker is a 12 ounce mug from which coffee can be enjoyed. This machine brews coffee in just minutes and at a perfect temperature for drinking.

One feature this one-cup brewer lack is the automatic shut-off and timer system. The lack of automatic shut-off simply means that you cannot press a button, run some errands and expect the machine to stop by itself when done brewing.

Instead, you have to manually turn the machine on and off. While some see this as a drawback, others see this as a bold decision made by the manufacturer to leave out things that are good to have but not essential.

Your Turn

You’ve now seen my review of the Kitchen Selectives 1-cup single serve drip coffee maker. If there is one single reason that I can pinpoint to explain the huge popularity of this brewer, it would be its visually pleasing aesthetic.

If you love to brew your own cup of coffee but lack the space (whether it is in your office desk or countertop), this uniquely-shaped brewer is a no-brainer pick.

But let’s get real! It would be unreasonable for me to compare it with the likes of Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve or BUNN MCU My Home Brewer. Costing only a fraction of these so-called ‘elites of the single serve brewing machines‘, Kitchen Selectives 1-cup drip maker offers a fun (rather than heavy functional aspect) alternative for the coffee nerds who can’t trust their coffee on the baristas.

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  1. I need a new reusable filter. Mine tore on one top edge. Where can I obtain it?

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