This is How the Perfect Brew is Made

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A Perfect brew of coffee

Is there anybody who doesn’t love going to a coffee shop and sitting down with a wonderful cup of coffee? We all love going to coffee shops, but have you ever wanted to brew the coffee yourself? Brewing your own coffee can be enjoyable and give you some excellent tasting coffee right in your own home. Below are some tips to help you make the perfect blend of coffee, exactly the way YOU want it!

Coffee Brewing Equipment

There are many different types of equipment you can use to brew your coffee. Which coffee maker is best depends several factors such as the amount of time you want to devote.


The easiest and probably the most common equipment we use, is the automatic drip coffee maker. You plug it in, put in a filter, add water and ground coffee and push a button.

Pretty easy, right? The following are some coffee makers that take a little more time.

French Press make the perfect brew

If Done Right, French Press Makes the Perfect Brew!


The percolator is one of the older pieces of equipment used to brew coffee. To make coffee in a percolator, you add water and put the ground coffee into a basket. Once the water boils, it travels up to the coffee and infuses with it, repeatedly. After this process is all done, you have fresh coffee!

The French Press is another way to make excellent brewed coffee.

Lots of coffee critics vote in favor of the French Press to make the BEST coffee!

The only negative part about using a French Press, is you have to heat the water yourself, beforehand.

To use a French Press, you put the heated water and the ground coffee grounds in together. After a few minutes, you push a plunger down from the top which has a filter that works like a strainer. This process separates the grounds from the newly made coffee.

After the plunger is pushed all the way down, your coffee is ready!

Types of Coffee Beans

To make fantastic coffee, you need to know what types of coffee beans to use and what their differences are. Different beans give different flavors.

The Arabica beans are considered the superior coffee beans because they have a better flavor and aroma. They also have less caffeine. Because of all these great qualities, the Arabica beans are usually more expensive as well. People who are especially picky about the taste of their coffee should brew with the Arabica coffee beans.

Robusta coffee beans are the second most popular coffee bean next to the Arabica. Because Robusta coffee has a lot of caffeine, it is sometimes used as a filler, mixed with other coffees to raise the caffeine content. This coffee has an earthier, stronger flavor, in fact some people would say the taste is almost bitter.

The perfect grind

Coffee Grinding: An Art on its Own


Before coffee beans are sold, they are roasted, which is the process of cooking them in high temperatures to a certain color. Once they have the desired color, they are then cooled off immediately.

The longer the beans are cooked, the darker the color. And the darker the color, the less caffeine they have, since more heat makes the caffeine evaporate. Because of this, lighter roasts have more caffeine in them, and also have a lighter flavor and color.

Medium roasts are medium in color, and are usually the preferred roast in the United States. Dark roasts are usually more bitter in taste, so they are usually used in Espresso.

Grind Size

The first tip I have to state here is to try and not grind your beans ahead of time. In other words, try to only grind them right before you’re about to use them. That is if you want to make the perfect brew, investing your own coffee grinder is a must. This will give your coffee a better flavor, because once you grind them, the beans tend to be less flavorful.

Finely grind coffee beans

Grind Coarseness & Consistency are Important

When you get ready to grind your beans, you need to know which coffee maker you are going to use to make your coffee. This will dictate the grind size of your beans. If you are making Espresso, you will need to grind your beans to a very fine consistency. If you are using a drip coffee maker, you will want to grind your beans to a medium consistency. And if you are using a French Press, you will need your beans to be ground to a larger consistency.

While it’s nice to go out with your friends to the local coffee shop, it’s sometimes even nicer to brew your coffee in your own home. Maybe it’s Sunday morning, and you just don’t want to leave the house, but you have to have your coffee. Brewing your own coffee can let you be lazy a little bit longer!

And do you know what the best part about brewing your own coffee is? You never have to wait in a long line to be served!

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