Want a Great Moka Pot Brewer? Try This Krups

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Finding the best coffee maker for your kitchen is a subjective search, depending on your taste preference and budget.

Today’s coffee machines are far cries from the old-fashioned behemoths that took up most of the kitchen counter in the past. KRUPS offers a truly innovative coffee model with a futuristic look to improve any decor.

As with all coffee maker reviews, this machine poses both positive and negative features. Let’s take a look at some of them.

A Review of Krups KM468850 Moka Brewer

Extraction Method

One of the top concerns noted in coffee maker reviews is the machine’s extraction method. The Moka Brewer uses a simple, but effective, shower technique to saturate all the grounds.

Where some manufacturers skimp on quality, KRUPS ensures its shower head remains larger than necessary to truly wet all the coffee in a uniform fashion.

This brewing process forces all the flavor down into the carafe as the hot water continues to flow through. There haven’t been any widespread complaints about the extraction process, making this machine a cut above the rest in that department.

View of KRUPS KM468850 Moka Brewer from the topTop view of KRUPS KM468850 Moka Brewer Filter Coffee Maker

Stainless Steel Pros and Cons

The internal water tank and heating element are constructed of strong stainless steel. For this relatively affordable machine, these design elements provide marked durability highlights.

Cracks will be rare as the machine is used on a daily basis. However, KRUPS also makes use of stainless steel for its carafe 3-point locking system.

Although it secures the carafe safely, some users may find the material’s strength to be too difficult to release, especially if it malfunctions.

Permanent Filter Consideration

Coffee maker reviews often point out the benefits of a permanent filter. The Moka Brewer does offer the permanent filter feature, making it unnecessary to use wasteful paper filters.

However, consumers need to be wary about the machine’s cleanliness using permanent filters. Leaving grounds in the filter overnight, for example, often gums up the mesh.

A thorough soaking and scrubbing is necessary to make the filter work perfectly again. Water mineral buildup is another concern, requiring periodic rinses to keep the filter clear. Excess minerals directly effect the coffee’s final taste.

How brewing is done in KRUPS KM468850 Moka Pot Coffee MakerBrewing process in KRUPS KM468850 Moka Brewer Coffee Maker

Sleek and Compact Design

Instead of appearing like a tall skyscraper in your kitchen, the Moka Brewer fits into small areas at barely 9-inches wide.

It is nearly 14 inches tall, however, making it necessary to have some headroom to pour the water into the tank. It has a simple black, white and glass appearance, allowing it to match with almost any appliance decor.

Because it doesn’t look like a standard machine, it stands out as a best coffee maker alternative. Although looks aren’t everything, they do make a difference if you want to impress friends and family with a modern kitchen upgrade.

Timer and Auto Shut-Off

One major feature missing from the Moka Brewer is a timer. You won’t know when the coffee is officially ready, relegating you to the kitchen as you check the coffee level.

Because many people are in the kitchen as the coffee brews, some consumers may not have an issue with this missing feature. However, KRUPS has added an automatic shut-off feature to avoid burnt coffee in the carafe.

The switch even flips the physical on/off switch to the “off” position, readying the machine for another brewing session.

My 2-Cents Worth

While KRUPS wants you to feel like you’ve purchased the best coffee maker on the market, it is your duty to do your homework and make sure you know what you are paying for.

If a friend owns one, ask them if you can borrow it for a day. A hands-on evaluation of basic brewing gives you a better sense of its features. Overall, you simply want a quality cup of coffee that perks up your mind each morning.

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