About the Award-Winning Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT Brewer

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The most popular coffee maker from Mr. Coffee is the BVMC-SJX33GT. This is a programmable coffeemaker that let you do up to 12-cups in one shot. The model was first released in 2011 and has since then received tonnes of happy customer feedbacks.

If that alone is not enough conviction, the best coffee makers award that it won from Consumer Reports should be a good testament on what you can expect out of this model.

Getting to Know Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT

2-Years and Still Looking Great

The best thing about the BVMC-SJX33GT is one of the ‘king’ of coffee makers turns out to be affordably cheap.

I know of some guys who simply refuse any product that is made 2 or 3 years back. Some coffee nerds choose to ignore Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT simply because it is a 2011 coffee maker model. As a coffee purist myself, I think these guys have no idea what they are missing.

Heck, I don’t see significant advancement in the drip brewing technology that is used to power up today’s coffee machines. That’s why I think this 2011-model is still as good as it is.

Zooming in on the Inside

This model has a removable filter basket for easy use, a brewing pause feature that allows users to have a cup of coffee while the coffee maker is still brewing, and a cleaning cycle that makes keeping the coffeemaker clean simple. It also has a 2-hour shut-off, so users don’t have to wonder if they neglected to turn the maker off.

The water window allows buyers to view the amount of water in the reservoir, while the brew strength selector lets them choose between regular and strong brews. This unit can use either a glass or thermal carafe. These extra features are unexpected on such an inexpensive model.

Voted as #1 in 2011Top view of Mr coffee bvmc-sjx33gt 12-cup programmable coffee maker

What Coffee Folks are Saying

Coffee maker reviews that focus on Mr. Coffee coffee maker are mostly positive, with a small contingent of naysayers. For the most part, online consumers praised the price, the brew strength selector, and the ease of use.

Given the price, most owners are suprised with the longevity of the unit and its reliability. Most buyers gave positive feedback with few reservations.

The owners of these units say that the coffee is good, but they do not rave about the taste, unlike some buyers of more expensive units. So if consumers want a more “gourmet” morning coffee experience, this may not be the best unit for them. It provides a basic, hot cup of joe that is satisfactory for the no muss, no fuss crowd.

One major complaint offered by reviewers is that the brew strength button resets itself, so those who expect the strength to stay on strong each day will be disappointed. They will need to make certain the setting is correct every morning. A more serious complaint is that the machine gives off a strong, unpleasant smell that makes enjoying coffee impossible. One consumer speculated that production changes had been made to the coffee maker, since only some users had this problem.

Mr. Coffee coffee maker reviews vary. While some buyers are loving this model, there are others despising it. But if the overal sentiment is measured, the vast majority of purchasers give it favorable ratings than otherwise.

Also, the price is almost too low to resist as long as the unit makes good coffee. Evidently, Mr. Coffee still has “it” after all these years of brewing coffee for those first cups of the morning. If you are interested with Mr. Coffee coffee makers, do check out our Bunn coffee maker reviews and we think you might love it too.

Will it be Your New Machine?

On a last note, coffee machines such as this that comes with all the computerized features sound sophisticated. But do you know that Starbucks has a Coffee Master Programme.

Guess what type of coffee maker they use to make their brew? It turns out that even the coffee masters (watch out for those guys at the counter wearing black aprons) turn to the French Press and the manual drip to make their finest brews for their customers.

So what do you think of Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT? If you think it is still too ‘sophisticated’ and you’re looking for something that is bare to basic, why not consider Chemex drip brewer? Chemex, another American pride, has been making beautiful drip makers for years and you may want to check out our reviews to see for yourself what a beauty coffee maker can be.

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