Can those Nespresso Machines Brew Decent Quality Coffee?

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Nespresso review

The Nespresso coffee machine is probably the best thing to have happened to those who love their brew and the aromatic brown bean. It is simple and innovative proving itself to be a product required in the office space or the kitchen counter. In this edition of our Nespresso reviews, we discuss detailed information about the technology, design and varieties of the machine.

Nespresso Reviews Highlights

Simply Beautiful

Simple is beautiful but for ironically, making a product that is simple is harder than making a product that is more complex. That is why the simplicity that comes with Nespresso coffee machine is remarkable.

In fact, if you ask those who have bought their Nespresso coffee maker, they will tell you that their buying decisions are not driven by the quality of brew produced by these machines. Instead, most people I’ve asked told me that they simply love the aesthetics of Nespresso machines and they look pleasant when being placed at the kitchen bar.

Nespresso coffee makers are among the most popular pod coffee makers. To make a brew, what you need is simply to place one of your favorite Nespresso capsules into the slot, press a single button and leave the machine to complete its job.

The guys at Nespresso have poured in so much effort into the design of their coffee machines and so simple is their operation that it merely takes few minutes for anyone to figure out how to operate a Nespresso machine.

Any Simpler, You have to Get it from the Store

One cool aspect of Nespresso coffee machines is the low amount of maintenance effort required. Each machine has a water reservoir and the reservoir size depends on the type and size of the machine.

The only task you need to do is to refill the water tank but this is something that is trivial and not cumbersome. Other than that, there is no need to clean after each brew as the capsule design has eliminated such need. You will appreciate this convenience if you have to make a quick brew every morning before rushing to work.

You will not Get the Cheapest Coffee

There is no free lunch in the world and the simplicity of Nespresso coffee makers come at a cost. It is well established that Nespresso capsules are not cheap.

The cost of producing each cup of brew may easily be in the range of $0.50 to $1. Nespresso capsules are graded 1-10 in strength allowing you to customize your brew in order to suit your favorite taste.

It is a Single Serving Machine

Another common issue that we discovered during our Nespresso review study is the inconvenience when one needs to brew multiple cups at once.

Why? Because each capsule can only produce one cup. While the gorgeous-looking Nespresso machines are ideal for those who are considering the best single serve coffee machines, it is not the case for everyone.

If you often have guests in the house and need to make more than a single cup, you may have to ask your guests to wait. To be fair, if you often need to make few cups of brew at one go, you may be better off with bigger capacity makers such as one of these 4 cup coffee makers.

Nespresso Machines Selection

There are 6 different Nespresso series to choose from, namely the Nespresso Citiz, Nespresso Essenza, Nespresso Lattissima, Nespresso Maestria, Nespresso U and Nespresso Pixie. It is always good to go through as many Nespresso reviews as you can find but it is easy to get yourself overwhelmed and confused.

The most common confusion is the brand and product labeling. If you search for Nespresso Lattissima review, you will end up with De’Longhi Lattissima instead. You would then be wondering if you are looking at two different brand of coffee makers.

The answer is no. Whether it is labeled as Nespresso Lattissima or De’Longhi Lattissima, they are nothing but the same thing.

This is interesting but something that not many are aware of. From the beginning, the main focus of Nespresso has always been in the design of coffee capsules.

All the Nespresso machines that we see today are manufactured by their machine partners. De’Longhi is one of those partners and partnership between Nespresso and De’Longhi dated back to as early as the year 2000.

So, if you see a De’Longhi Lattissima, it is the same as Nespresso Lattissima. If you see a Breville U Pure, it is the same as Nespresso U Pure. If you see a Krups Citiz, it is the same as Nespresso Citiz. If you see a Krups Pixie, it is the same as Nespresso Pixie.

I’m not sure if any of the brand holds an exclusive right to certain model as I can find no Nespresso review that discusses this. The only information that is publicly available is Nespresso has 6 machine partners worldwide but it is not clear how their business collaboration works.

In Summary

I hope this Nespresso review gives you a good idea on the different options you have if you are interested to get any of the Nespresso coffee makers.

One thing should be obviously clear to you is that Nespresso machines are sexy, pretty and simple to use. Just like how some of the best pod coffee makers have been designed for, Nespresso machines make brewing those everyday morning cup of coffee such a painless task.

But as to whether it is the best type of coffee maker to produce the perfect brew, I certainly don’t think so.

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