Numbers don’t Lie! Folgers (Not Starbucks) is America’s Favorite Coffee

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While there are seemingly overwhelming amount of people who would tell you that coffee is going through the exact same kind of “snobbish” boom that wine and craft beer have already gone through in the recent past, the truth of the matter is that every day morning fixture Folgers is still America’s favorite coffee. It just goes to show you that the best part of waking up is still Folgers in your cup.

The trends are certainly shifting and changing, but they haven’t toppled the undisputed king of coffee

This isn’t to say that craft coffeemakers (and even trendier shops like Starbucks and Green Mountain) aren’t making tremendous inroads in the marketplace and absolutely gobbling up market share at an unprecedented rate, but the reality is that Folgers coffee is still the number one coffee throughout America – and it’s not even close.

With nearly 15.6% of the US market share (by volume), the closest coffee to Folgers is Maxwell House – a distant second with only 10% of the market. Then you have an entire run of other “offbrand” or private-label coffees coming in at the third spot, with Green Mountain and Starbucks bringing up the rear (with 4.3% and 3.3% respectively).

A Starbucks on every corner hasn’t had the kind of impact most believed it would

This flies right in the face of most market researchers preaching that Starbucks was going to absolutely crush the competition when it came to coffee, a prophecy made 10 or 15 years ago when Starbucks was first experiencing its meteoric rise to the top.

While it still almost impossible not to look around any corner in any major city (not just in America, but around the globe) and find a handful of Starbucks, the truth is that every day people are still reaching to grab Folgers more than anything else to start their day.

This shouldn’t come as a big of a shock as it probably is, considering the fact that Starbucks coffee is tremendously expensive compared with the relatively inexpensive Folgers that you can brew up at your own home using the best coffee maker that is probably sitting around on your kitchen shelf.

Other major changes in the coffee industry include sales of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee rising nearly 6%, luxury brand Café Pilon also making “solid gains”, and a handful of other coffeemakers continuing to improve their market shares across the board. US coffee sales continue to hover around $2.3 billion, basically the same amount of coffee that was sold the previous year – but certainly a jump up from two years ago when coffee sold just $1.9 billion.

Remember! Coffee beans is only as important as the brewer that extracts their flavor. Do your homework. Go through coffee maker reviews and know your choices well before deciding!

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