Have You Seen Russel Hobbs’ Gorgeous Coffee Maker?

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Waking up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee starts the day for millions of Americans, kicking our brains into gear, and the Russell Hobbs 8-cup coffeemaker promises to make that sacred morning ritual even more flavorful.

Whether this is the best coffee maker in its class, that remains to be verified. But at least from aesthetic point of view, it does have the stylish good looks and the high-quality construction to earn a precious piece of real estate in my kitchen.

A Look at Russell Hobbss Coffee Maker

Key Highlights

Of course, earning that place of prominence is going to take more than a stainless steel chassis and a modern design.

This brewer of tasty beverages has to function well, has to brew steaming hot concoctions of full-bodied coffee with tons of flavor. That authentic flavor is key in coffee maker reviews.

After all, I know I’ve been guilty in the past of furtively attempting to benchmark my homemade brews against the performance of a local coffee shop. This entry from Russell Hobbs may just be on to something as far as challenging those local brews.

The machine offers hi-tech features and a superior construction, but it’s the smooth and satisfying cups of richly blended coffee that impress me. The water temperature reached the same temperature each time, a feature that leads me to believe the ideal cup of coffee has much to do with temperature.

There was no leakage of hot liquid on my counter-top, a peeve that has plagued my making of homemade pots of beverages. The power switch activated with a solid click, and core parts of the coffee maker are detachable, a big advantage in making the machine easy to wash and dry.

Water reservoir in Russell Hobbs 8 Cup CoffeemakerDetailed picture of Russell Hobbs 8 Cup Coffeemaker

Highly Pleasing to the Eyes

Stepping back from the coffee maker, the looks of the carafe really are stunningly shiny and sharp. I tend to work hard in my coffee maker reviews to balance aesthetics with functionality, but the ergonomic shaping has definitely scored big points in the climb to best coffee maker.

The carafe sits like a well-balance rock on the plate, lifting without sticking when I pick it up by the sturdy handle. It feels a little warm but doesn’t ever get uncomfortably hot to carry.

Place it back on the plate after pouring, check the reservoir, and refill it if it’s running low. The 8-cup capacity seems more than generous for a two-person family, but might seem stingy for larger families. Still, the kids shouldn’t be drinking coffee.

If the reservoir is dipping low, it’s time to take advantage of another feature, the removable water tank complete with easy to read markings. Pop the tank off the cradle, refill, and settle it back into the familiar configuration, letting the coffee-making magic restart once more.

Coffee filter design in Russell Hobbs 8 Cup CoffeemakerCarafe image of Russell Hobbs 8 Cup Coffeemaker

Other Great Features

Some handy additional features that may seal the deal and deliver the Russell Hobbs 8-cup Coffeemaker into the heights of the best coffee maker category include the Sneak-A-Cup option.

This feature allows the eternally late commuter to snatch a hot beverage before their coffee has finished brewing, and the non-stick hot plate.

The keep warm technology built-in to the carafe plate is manufactured to keep water at an optimal temperature, and it also delivers a highly desirable auto-off feature, snapping the machine off after 2-hours.

The quest for the ideal cup of coffee involves more than the routine of inserting a filter and flipping on a switch.

Consistency is the secret to topping coffee maker reviews according to the engineers at Russell Hobbs, the consummate ability of a coffee maker to brew fresh and smooth beverages time-after-time off the hot carafe plate thanks to an even dispersion of heat that extracts every tiny bit of flavor.


Russell Hobbs may not be the first name that strikes when someone is looking for the best coffee maker.

Only the most serious coffee fanatics with high taste of luxury will go this far to look for the right coffee maker worthy of a place on their countertop.

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