Heard of Starbucks Quadriginoctuple Frap? Get Ready to Pay $47.30

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What Goes into Starbucks Most Expensive Drink

What Goes into Starbucks Most Expensive Drink

Have you heard of Quadriginoctuple Frap? I bet you haven’t. If you have, you deserve a place to be among the world’s most lunatic coffee geeks. (Don’t google the phrase! You won’t find it!)

Beau Chevassus shot himself to fame (probably only among the coffee nerds) last year when he shattered the world’s record for Starbucks’ most expensive drink. The record now stands at $47.30!

How did you end up with a $47.30 cup of Starbucks? I bet only the lunatics are able to think of it.

Here is what you need to order to make it $47.30. First of all, you have bring your own coffee mug and it has to be 52 oz size. Anything lesser will not make the cut. Anything more has so far not been tested. Go ahead and who knows you might end up with a new record-breaking figure.

Order yourself a mocha frappuccino. Top it up with 48 shots of espresso. Vanilla powder. Soy powder. Protein powder. Strawberry topping. 2x banana. Salt topping. Already feeling toxicated by the 48 shots of espresso? I certainly do.

Don’t believe it is possible? Watch the video below and see for yourself how this crazy action is being carried out.

Be warned that I’m not asking you to give this a try. In fact, I think this guy will end up dead if he were to finish the entire coffee found on his 52 oz cup. Remember how caffeine works? Caffeine works by tricking your body system into thinking that your body is actually still running full of energy when it is actually not.

But with 48 shots straight? Beware of caffeine overdose! Caffeine overdose is real and it will kill you instantly!

It’s interesting to see how far people are trying to stretch their imagination when it comes to coffee. But remember! This is not something that you should try at home. It may sound harsh. But I don’t believe it is a consumable drink. It is far from being the perfect brew!

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