The Votes are In! Here are the Single Serve Coffee Machine Best-Sellers

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The reason why you are going through all these single serve brewer reviews is simple. You want to find the best single serve coffee maker and that’s it!

You need the most awesome machine you can get to make that piping hot cup of coffee that’ll pull you out of bed every morning. Hundreds of single serve brewers out there are capable of extracting flavor out of your coffee grounds. But not all of them will execute the job to your satisfaction.

Messy kitchen table top. Problems of water overflowing. Weak coffee. Cleaning hassle.

These are just few possible nightmare scenarios that you’re probably trying to avoid. Otherwise why bother with all the research to find the best single serve brewer?

Let’s get the ball rolling and let this single cup coffee maker review show you which model has what it takes to beat out the competition. No, you will not find a long list of top 10 single serve coffee makers. I think top 3 is what most coffee fanatics like you and me will be interested in.

So, here you go.

The Champion

Anyone who is looking for the best single serve coffee brewer will have to decide between pod versus non-pod coffee makers. Given the massive popularity of Keurig’s K-Cups or pods, you’re not to be blamed if you think the best single serve coffee machine has to be a pod brewer.

Surprise, surprise! My winner goes to Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker! It looks pretty much like a pod maker but it isn’t.

Let’s see what makes this single serve brewer a winner in its class.

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Built-in Golden Ratio

One of the best part of the Hamilton Beach single scoop maker is to set yourself from the world of K-cups. But that’s not the best part of it.

The Hamilton Beach 49981A skips all the bells and whistles while focusing on features that are important. One thing that I love about this machine is the scoop design that comes with measurement indicator on it.

In my quest to make the perfect cofee, I discovered the golden ratio between the coffee and water. The ratio turns out to be 1 to 17.42. Follows the ratio closely and you’ll be assured of high quality brew.

On the scoop, you’ll find 2 markers – one for 4oz and the other for 8oz cup size. I’ve not specifically measured the ratio but I think it’s quite close to the golden ratio. No more headache! No more measuring each time!

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Brew Strength

The other neat feature about the Hamilton Beach 49981A is the choice between regular and bold brew. It is such a basic feature but yet no one has thought of it!

The difference between the two is the water flow speed. The regular setting lets water flows faster, resulting in shorter contact time. This results in weaker or milder brew. The bold setting lets water flows slower, resulting in longer contact time and hence stronger brew.

But before you start exploiting this feature, make sure you know what you’re doing. If you run on regular setting, make sure you have a coarser grind. If you have a super fine grind (typical of espresso) and you run on regular setting, you might end up with water overflow issue. This is because the water is pumped at a faster rate that it can penetrate through the coffee ground.

I’m not the only one who thinks this is a cool idea. The guys at Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) think so too.


The other thing you’d love about the Hamilton Beach single scoop coffee maker is its price tag.

“It is darn cheap. Can it really brew a great cup of coffee?” Anyone who look at the price tag of this brewer would be skeptical. Especially when many comparable rivals cost at least twice as much.

I was among the skeptics too. After using it for more than a year, all I can say is it’s earned itself a place among my favorite line-up of coffee makers.

Saves Yourself from the Expensive Pods

Price is the other reason why I keep myself away from the pods. You can always go for cheap K-cups options.

Some guys refer to the K-cups simply as ‘glorified instant coffee’. Based on few simple maths computation, you will be able to compute that $0.65 is the average price you pay for each cup of coffee. The non-pod approach will cost probably less than half or around $0.20-$0.30, depending on the quality of beans that you’re getting.

I’m not sure what your daily coffee dose is. For me, I need at least 2 cups a day. Over the course of one month, the difference can easily add up to $20. Over one year period, I can use the savings to buy myself a new gadget (like Kindle Fire HDX), or maybe an expensive burr grinder.

If you think my maths may be poor and you don’t trust these numbers, that’s fine. But it is this saving that earned Hamilton Beach 49981A the Very Innovative Products (VIP) Awards from Good Housekeeping Research Institute in 2012.

The Contenders

Before I made up my mind with the Hamilton Beach, I had shortlisted two other models as candidates for the honor of being the best single serving coffee maker.

There is the Keurig K75 Platinum Series Brewer and there is the BUNN My Cafe MCU single brewer.

The major reason for shortlisting the Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker K75 is none other than look. I have to say the Keurig K75 will make a beautiful addition to any kitchen. As my preference was set on single serve coffee maker with no pods, the coffee pod restriction on this machine is what keeps me away from it.

The BUNN My Cafe MCU single brewer is in fact a great alternative. It has the flexibility of letting you choose between the pod and non-pod brewing. I thought this is cool.

There are times when I have to get my coffee ready quickly. Those instances are when the K-cups will come in handy. However, at all other times, I prefer to brew using my freshly grounded beans. That’s when I’d turn to the conventional drip.

It was actually a tough decision to pick between the Hamilton Beach 49981A and the BUNN My Cafe brewer. If the BUNN maker had come with lower price tag, it might have been enough to sway my decision for the ultimate single serving coffee maker.

In The End

As a coffee afficionado, it is only right that you do your homework thoroughly. It is only right that you weigh the different considerations. It is only right that you go through the various coffee maker reviews carefully.

By presenting you with 3 instead of 10 best-selling one cup coffee makers, I know this will surely open the door for debate. Some of you would be asking why the likes of Tassimo’s popular T45 and Cuisinart DCC-3000 single serve brewer has been left out.

But my gut feeling is this. You can go through with all the research on the different models. I bet more often than not, your single serve coffee maker reviews will soon lead you to these 3 great machines. Good luck!

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